Josh Franklin - Vocals/Tenor Sax
John Martinez - Bari Sax
James Baylor - Alto & Tenor Sax/Vocals
Matt Holbach - Wailing Guitar
Jeff Pap - Rockin Guitar
David Mooring - Trumpet
Matt Levesque - Trumpet
Anthony Rondina - Bass Guitar
Nick Barnes - Drums
Adam Elmore - Trombone (When he's home)

Band Bio

The Guilty Parties are a Ska band from Riverside, Ca. Founded by current members James Baylor, Josh Franklin and John Martinez, they played their first real Ska show in a KFC parking Lot Feb 14th 2003 and since then they have grown substantially. With lineup changes occurring in the first half of the year the guilty parties seemed to have a revolving door of members, but in Augst 2003, after original Bassist, Peitro Martinez left for UC Berkley and Trumpet palyed Tyler Ward left, 3 members were added including bassist Anthony Rondina, Tromboner (go ahead, laugh) Adam Elmore, and additional Guitarist and former Dolores mastermind Matt Holbach. Since that August shakeup the guilty parties have remeained the same 9 guys minus recently departed Adam (college): Josh, James, John, Jeff, Bobby, Matt(Holby), David, Matt and Anthony.

The Guilty Parties feature a great Ska-Punk sound with songs ranging from poppy skank-a-longs, to Ska-core moshfests to smooth reggae beats. The Guilty Parties are playing up a storm anywhere from Incahoots and rollerrinks in Riverside, Cafes, pubs and Clubs in Orange County to The Knitting Factory and Whiskey A-Go-Go in Los Angeles. The Guilty Parties have played with bands many bands, including: The Debonaires, La Banda Skalavera, The Forces of Evil, Starpool, The Toast, The Skeletones, The Aggrolites, SeeSpot, Treephort, The Independents and Fishbone.