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The Wait Is Finally Over! You Can now buy the Guilty Parties Music Online!

Arpil 2nd Hey, long time no update! I've been really busy with work school and GP, so i never update this! Just visit the myspace to keep up with us! Click the "Audio" button to visit!

Jan 12th Happy New Year! Hey eveyrone, I know a promised a new site, but I'm taking 16 units at school, working and running the band so it may take a well to follow through on that promise. But check this out! The Guilty Parties are trying to get on the international ska circus in Las Vegas in March so we need you to do some helping for us. Just go to www.skasummit.com/isc and vot for us! And then tell all of your friends to vote for us! Please! Thank You goodnight!

Dec 2 Long time no update, eh? Well I hope you all have been doing well. Since our last update, Jeff Pap has returned home and is back in The Guilty Parties full-time! Our show this Saturday will be the first show we will have the full lineup that appears on the CD since the CD came out! There's more, but I need to get back to work so peace!

Oct 31 Happy Halloween! And thank to all that stuck around for us at DiPizza; we had a blast!

Oct 25 So I'm sitting here in history 144 at CSUSB and I'm thinking to myself "Self, you really need to advertise that show in Long Beach that's coming up tis weekend." And you know, I'm right I do need to advertise it a bit more. We need some people to come out to Long Beach with us and give them a little taste or Riverside and show them ow we do things, because most people going to this show have never seen us before and we really want to rock this crowd with your help; so come out and support us a long way from home and have a good time at a halloween show. We ave a few presale tickets for sale for only $8 if you're interested; and if you would like to get one or more email us or contact us on myspace and we'll meet you somewhere and get them to you. Alrigt, I should probably start paying attention to my teacher now... Peace.

Oct 17 I think it's really about time for a new website. I'm thinking we're going to be needing to get a .COM soon and I think I'll probably be working on that soon, now that the angels are out of the playoffs.

But here's some GP news for you all, in list form!

  • Jeff Pap will be returning from basic training and will be back with GP full time before Thanksgiving!
  • We just ordered new shirts with a new logo design!
  • We finally ordered stcikers!
  • We will be ordering the Classic Skanker Logo Shirts before the years end!
  • We're working on some more new songs!
  • There's talk of a trip to Arizona in December with a couple of bands from the lovely So Cal Ska Scene!
  • There's also talk of an All-Request GP show where we'll take a poll and you guys will decide the setlist (that means oooooold songs!)
  • Josh Franklin was nominated to the Supreme Court!

    Well, i gotta jet. Peace all.

    Oct 6 Wow! It's sooo awesome hearing yourslef on the radio for the first time.. I'm so super stoked still, 4 hours later! Well in case you missed the Guilty Parties Debut on X103.9 you're in luck, I recorded it and it's online for you to listen to and download! Here's the link:

    The Guilty Parties Local Band Spotlight MP3 Page


    Oct 04 Hello ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I have so great news!!! You can hear the Guilty Parties on the Radio this thursday at 7pm!!! If you're in the inland empire, you can hear GP on the radio Thursday Oct 6th at 7PM Please tune in, we would love to work our way to regular playtime on the radio! Allright, I'm Out of here guys.. keep it clean. Peace!

    Sept 14 Thank you to those of you who made it out to the RBC and got a little surprise visit from the one and only jeff Pap. Jeff was on leave from his stint at boot camp and he was able to come back to Riverside and play a show with us! We really miss Jeff, but in a couple of months we'll have him back full-time and we'll be back to a solid 9 members. Anyway. not much news on the GP front so I'll let you get back to what you were doing.. peace!

    Sept 1 Welcome to September ladies and gentlemen! This was a busy month for the Guilty Parties; since we last talked we got James Baylor back into the band lineup, played an amazing show with the Suicide Machines and Bullets to Broadway at the Showcase, went on a small tour to AZ and rocked it a bit with our new friends Captain Squeegee and the Soapsuds, 10 Minutes Down and Too Short Notice and had a lot of fun. Vehicle issues caused us to miss the Northern part of our tour (sorry guys, we'll be coming up there eventually!). We also played an excellent show on the 30th with none other than Voodoo Glow Skulls and that was pretty sweet. And of course we released our first Full-Length Album "You're out of the Band" and have been selling it for a couple of weeks; and to those of you who are wondering, we will be selling our CD online shortly, we just have to work that situation all out. Now, in light of the new album and the large ammount of rocking we have lined up and the release of the new album I will be redesigning the website and we'll be moving to a .com in the near future as well. Anyway, I think that's enough updates to hold you guys over until our next one, so I'm out. Peace!

    August 11 Tonight is the big night! We're playing with the Suicide Machines and we're finally releasing our very first full-length album! Hope to see all of you folks out there on the dancfloor rocking and rolling during our set.

    So you can't make it tonight? But you really want a CD? Well hopefully we'll be selling them online soon, but for now you can go to www.myspace.com/theguiltyparties to listen to a few songs of the new CD "You're Out of the Band." Hopefully those songs will hold you over until you can get a copy of the full CD with all of the lovely extras and goodies we have stuffed into that tiny, tiny Compact Disc! Anyway, I must return to my work ladies and gentlemen--see you tonight!

    August 4 Hey hey! Guess what!? We're not dead! Despite what you might have heard recently, we haven't broken up, but we have been away for a while working on new material and learning how to rock a little bit more. And just to prove we're alive I'll let you in on a little secret... OUR NEW CD IS AVAILABLE AS OF TODAY! So come on down to the brewery tonight and pick yourself up a copy of this gem of a disc! Or wait until the CD release show at the Showcase theatre in Corona, Ca!

    Also in a spot of related news rumors have been spreading that "Guilty" James Baylor has been spotted in the Riverside area. Are these rumors true? If they are, does that menas he's back with the band? Hmm... there's only one way to find out, and that's by going to our shows this weekend or to the big Suicide machines show! alirhgt, I'm out. Peace!

    July 19 Hey everybody, thanks for coming out on sunday and watching us in the blazing heat, we appreciate everyone that came out and supported us. Anyway, I don't think I have mentioned this as of yet, but the Suicide Machines show is our CD release show AND it is also the return of James "One Take, No Mistake" Baylor to the Guilty Parties lineup! So we really want you all to come out and show your support and rock the showcase with us one more time.

    July 14 New Shows added on the shows page.. check 'em out!

    July 12 Good news! The CD is done! We finished the mixing and mastering this weekend and we will hopefully send it out to press this week if all goes well. So you know what this means? You'll be able to buy our CD very soon! How cool is that? We'll be releasing a track listing and the artwork pretty soon and we are in the process of settign up a paypal account so you can buy the CD online. Anyway we hope to see you at the Knock-Out CD release party this weekend because it's going to rock.. and youk now waht else is going to rock? Our show with none other than The SUICIDE MACHINES! we'll be posting the flyer for that show soon as well, since it will be our "Official CD Release Party" and the first date of our first ever tour, so all of you better be there! Anyway that's all for now.. peace!

    June 28 Hey everybody,the shows page has been changed so now it's actually up to date! We've got a couple of shows coming up and we should be having more to announce in the very near future. Stay tuned to the site as well because we will be overhauling it with the new album due out soon!

    June 5 Helloooooo Everybody! The CD is done being recorded!!!1 As you read this, it's in the process of being mixed and mastered! Oh yeah and we wont be playing any shows until the end of the month because Joshi will be in europe and Jeff Pap will be at locations unknown until the fall so we're going to take soem time off to practice and hone our skills. Anyway that's all I have for you. peace.

    May 25 Hey guys, whats up? Long time no update, I know.. we've been pretty busy playing some local shows and heading out to the studio, but the CD is almost done! Just a few things need to be recorded and finshed up before we can get to the mixing and mastering goodness. Anyway, stay tuned to the site, i'll be posting more shows soon.

    O, by the way, we also finally ordered those new shirts we promised oh so long ago, we got some sweet skankbuster logo shirts avialable at our upcoming shows, but don't hesitate, because they've been selling pretty fast and we wont have many left for long.

    May 1 As of today Guitars are done, I will be heading into the studio to completely redo the bass tracks, just for kicks. But the horns have finally started recording and next weekend James Baylor and Adam Elmore will hit the studio to record Sax, trombone and vocals! The album sounds excellent so far, I can't wait to hear the final product!

    Oh I also updated the shows page and added a few tour dates, so go ahead and give them a look. Peace

    April 18 Bass Tracks are recorded, Guitars go in monday! But in other news, The Guilty Parties Galactic Tour is taking shape, we booked our frist Arizona dates and We're going to work our way through Vegas, back down into LA, then to the north (where we currently have Zero shows scheduled please help us Nor Cal Bands!). I'll be posting the dates here as soon as I type them up, but for tnow they're on our myspace, so take a look-see! Alirhgt folks, I'm out, peace.

    April 14 Well, Nick Barnes and his drums of fury are done for the CD and on Monday, I lay the bass down, tuesday Jeff Pap rocks the guitar and later next week, Matt Holbach will fiunish off the the rhythm section! We recorded 13 of our own songs and so far the drums sound sweet. Hopefully we'll be done soon so I can hear what I feel is going to be an excellent Album... Anyway, I've got some updating to do so I'll see you around.. peace!

    April 9 Two days from today we start recording our first full-length CD, and this time we actually are doing it! Unlike last summer, we're not going to lose our studio time to another band, and we're going to make sure it kicks loads of ass. So check the myspace for updates from the studio.. until then I'm out.. peace!

    April 3 Thank you for rocking out so hard at the showcase with us, it was a very excellent show and we were happy to see so many people there! Now.. tomorrow we have a show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim and it would be really cool if you guys came out and represented over your spring break! It's going to be a lot of fun and hopefully we'll be playign there again if all goes well. Alrighty guys, I'll see you at chain! peace!

    March 24 Happy Birthday to our superdope guitarist Jeff "Insert Something Clever" Pap! He's 19 Today! He'll be celebrating his birthday in a Rockin fashion by playing a show tonight at Lyric's in San Bernardino!

    March 10 The Show Tomorrow has been cancelled! Yes this is our third straight show that has been cancelled... It sucks... No it has nothing to do with the band, we're not cancelling our shows.. it just seems that wherever we plan on playing, the venues close or the show is moved.. and in some cases both! But don't fret our upcoming shows will not be cancelled and we will rock you with some new material and heck even new members just for fun! Anyway, sorry again but underage drinking has comprimised another venue... very sad... so kids.. just a reminder! *If you're under 21 and you really want to be drunk at a show, get drunk away from the venue--not inside the venue!!(*Note: The Guilty Parties do not endorse underage drinking, but we know it happens from time to time.)

    March 4 The show on the 11th has been moved from the Rock Ranch back to the Theatre Underground the adress is on the shows page.

    March 2 Sorry guys, the show at the Glasshouse on saturday has been cancelled :(

    I got word late last night the The Glasshouse will be hosting a party at the Glasshouse and we will no longer be able to player there. Hopefully I'll see you all out at the our upcoming shows, Peace.

    March 1 Hey guys, some news about our show on Sat.. It's been moved to the Freaking Glasshouse!!! That's right THE Glasshouse in Pomona, CA!!!! We would like you all to come out and support us and all of the other bands because it's not often the sounds of Ska are heard inside the walls of the glasshouse these days so we would like to make this a regular thing and show them that Ska isn't dead! Hopefully I'll see you all there!! peace.

    Feb. 18 Whoops!! The show next Friday isn't next friday! The show is actually March 25th so now all of you who were planning on going to this show can go see Big D and the Kids Table at Chain Reaction in Anaheim that day because they're awesome! Take a look for yourselves: Big D and the Kids Table

    Feb. 14 Happy Valentines day all you lovers out there! Also thank you to everyone who came out and supported today and helped raise money for the tsunami vitims and thanks a bunch to Rich and Joe and Local Threads Clothing Store for setting up this event as well.

    In Other news my computer is finally back to working status, although a beach trip and the show kind made me fall behind on working on the site, so the photos page didn't quite get finished. We have another free show on the 25th of this month and we're working on a show for the 23rd with I Voted For Kodos, stay tuned for details on that! Alright, that's it and that's all, peace.

    Feb.11 My computer took a nosdive before i could finish the photos page, so until I get my machine running it wont be finished, sorry. But in other news, some people are still seeing some of the old buttons up top, if that is so clear your cache and everything will be fine after that. Hopefully I'll have my computer fixed by saturday, but if not I can still keep the site updated and eventually fix the photos page. That is all. Peace

    Feb.11 I did it! some of you may be wonder why the GP site looks like Spiderman and to those of you wondering that I say shut up :(. I'm testing background colors right now, but who knows, maybe this one will stay for good? Anyway we have a show tonight and another this weekend we would like to see some of you folks at, so come out and rock with us. That's it for now. Peace.

    P.S. Thumbs Down!

    Feb 10. Well new year new site I guess. I'm not so good with coding so i'm going to struggle trough this and if there are any errors, bear with me because I'll be fixing them as fast as I can. But here it is in all it's glory! The new website I've been promising for too long. Enjoy!