Sin Stick

why cant you just let us be quit guilty parties join usc
everything out of your mouths are programmed but i just dont give a damn
everything in your mind's put in you didnt learn it you were taught by him
dont waste your breath tryin to change me look at yourself, problems you'll see
brainwashed followers, thinks your own thoughts, talk and walk like him you'll get yourself caught
if youre talkin to me you know im not listenin keep your mouth shut no matter what you do we're dissin him
don't be bitter because you're not like us, break in the middle of class and just cuss
stop with your talkin about what he says, i dont really care what you got to say anyway

Chorus: no talking, sit up straight, no breathing, give us a break

As for the parents of the kids you raised Im lookin at you with awe, you should be ashamed
then you got the nerve to tell me what to do sick of your lies sick of all you put us through
sit in the front of the bus with your hands crossed, watch the fake rules you made get tossed
stop tryin to tell us, stop makin us stop talkin we mock your authority, you have none, stop!
dont make such a big deal about it, we make a mistkae, youre over there shouting
and when we try to make some noise "go back there and watch those boys"
is it so bad we cant have fun? your kid's gettin beat up by someone's son
always blame us for things we dont do, the usually suspects the GP crew


now it comes down to the king, the punk himself, 'Mr. Im so mean'
"come to the gig and represent" if we go you treat us like shit because we went
we're so sick of all you do, fightin with the kids and fightin with you
you say we waste our talent with no praise, look at you, low paid teacher with no raise
youre racist but youre a punk to your race, we dont even say good things to your face
datin a highschool student, please. Idiot with bipolar disease
makin up lies that end up changed, tell us one thing then rearrange
always blame us for things we dont do, same suspects, the GP crew

My You've Changed

Girl I see you standin over there, if youre lucky i might talk to you
would you like to go out sometime or even better marry me now
your name sounds familiar to me "i know you you dont recognize me?"
Oh my goodness it cant be, when did you start gettin so fine?
"you used to always throw things and make fun of me"
i swear ive changed i was just tryin to be funny
I'll do anything that you want me to do "i like your band but i dont like you"

chorus: my youve changed, from when i knew you back in the day
Im sorry i called you fat, understand it was in 8th grade. now can we go on a date?

I used to be your biggest crush, what happened to the two of us
you used to call me everyday "you hung up and said i was gay"
i couldnt help if you were ugly, with stringy hair and yellow buck teeth
your overalls were sick and holey now you look like angelina joli, yeah
you told me i was rude and selfish, how you liked me and i hated you
but ive changed, and im a different person now


bridge: is there anything i can do to make you like me, anything i can do to leave the past alone, i cant take away the fact you were a fatty, or makin it up noooooo

What you gotta understand is you would have done just what i did
"look at you, youre not all that now, you have changed and i dont like you"
would you even go out one time? "youre the last thing that's on my mind" this happens almost everytime now but i guess thats just the way things turn out


Fight Dancer

We thought you were a.........friend!
I could never make out what you were tryin to do
I know you think you're real tight but you're not so cool
I never thought about it but you always had something rude to do to people, you wont stop
I never though about it but youll never be my friend again and everytime you talk about it
youll get dropped

chorus: you stabbed my back

i never really liked you now i never will
you need to stop fakin cuz we know youre not for real
you wanna resolve it but you dont know how cuz you dont know what you do wrong anyways
we'll get you back, cuz we're not gonna take it anymore, ever cuz you will pay


now you wanna talk shit, speak on shit you dont know shit about, bitch read my lips
come up to me in person and get fucked up, add to the verse and im runnin a muck
im like a freight train comin at you with full steam, youre tied on the tracks and youre hollerin not screamin, speak on it again, cuz ya just dont know, one more thing cuz im about to explode............

chorus (background: im about to explode on ya cuz ya dont know what you do, makin it up, but you know we're not stupid, explode any given time of day......youre gonna pay)

German chocolate

Dont walk a way i know you dont wanna hear it
when im talkin wont you listen to me
weve dealt with this for way too long
and i think its time you let us be
you shave your head to fit in
you wear a shirt that says skin
you think that really cool
i think you look like a fool
you know what youre showin me
how stupid racists can be
why dont you stick a gun up to your head

you hate me because im not like you
you dont like dont like jews
why cant we all learn to love eachother
maybe you learned it from your father and your mother
well heres a little piece of sound advice
that your buddy hitler found quite nice
try it out when your layin in your bed
why dont you stick a gun up to your head

I'm All Yours

i love you and when you tell me what to do i get excited cuz you love me too
and if you wanna take me by my neck and drag me its cool cuz ill do anything for you
im only 15 but i know everything, so i dont need school im only 15 i dont know what love means, so when you hang up I gotta say sorry
if you loved me and you told me then id have everything,
cuz im ugly and im stupid and you said no one else would ever like me

chorus: im all yours so take me by my leash and make me do your chores just tell me what to do because im all yours, just dont take it away

its okay you didnt get me a birthday present, i didnt want one anyway
all i want is for you to stay my girlfriend, i would even pay
i wanna look cool in front of my friends, with you ill never feel like a loser again
all you gotta do is just tell me what to do, tell me what to do and im doin it for you
if you loved me and you told me then id have everything, cuz im ugly and im stupid and you said no one else would ever like me


then one day walkin home from school, i realized that i didnt love you
you pushed me around and gave me shit, now im pissed off and sick of it
i thought i knew everything but i know nothing, i stood up for myself and i started cussing
i stood up for myself you said to sit back down, i sat back down you said dont make a sound
if you loved me and you told me then id have everything, cuz im ugly and im stupid and you said no one else would ever like me

chorus...and she broke up with me, so i killed her

Thanks for Being There

intro: its cool that you left cuz we dont need you now
im surprised about just how quickly things worked out
hope you cant stand the thought of us makin a good song lately
but i guess youll never know the feeling, cuz we wont tell you how it is to be good

you were there from the beginning of our band, you said you liked our style
you were surprised how good we were together now you just walked out
you didnt have to do anything, just sit there and play guitar
turned and faced the wall, in the corner, scared of talent huh?
everyone knew that you were good but you left us,
we needed to fill your spot somehow
look at us now, we changed around, we're so good it makes you wanna sing along

chorus: thanks for bein there, anytime we needed you we could count on you, we could really count on you
you helped us out so much, anytime we needed you we could count on you....but you never cared about us did you

you said youd be there and we cant be late cuz you jad other things to do
we all got there early, everyone was waiting for you
you never showed up for the practice, you didnt really care about a single thing we did
when youre in a dilemma the best thing to do is walk away and quit


....and you say you dont like ska?????



Funk Sound

everytime i think about it, you know what i mean
it puts me in the right place, you cant disagree
it brings me to another level, indescribable
if you listen hard enough, you can here it in your soul
on the real, i tell ya, i just cant get enough
play it for me one more time, i need that funky stuff
i dont care what you think you heard, or what you think you saw
i just care about one thing, so give it to me raw

chorus: what is it funk sound, ringin in my ears
yeah that funk sound, can you hear me loud and clear

i need one thing, can you give me one thing yeah
i need one thing, that funky sound
girl if i was abandoned on a dessert island
and i could have one thing, you know what i would say
cant survive another day, you know im not lyin
if i cant hear the funky sound play, start the music and give me that funk sound


All My Darkest Thoughts

late at night when youre trying to sleep, its takin over you like an evil dream
thinkin about it more drives you insane, all you think you can do is scream
thoughts into actions speak your name, make a reality of what you dream
out upon me, out upon you, you cant see what youre goin through
does it ever take toll on you? no surprise what youre gonna do
let the darkness slip into your soul, and you cant control

chrous: all my darkest thoughts take control of me tonight
what i will admit is nothing's gonna make it right

all you can think of and all you see, is the pain that you go through daily
unbreakable continuous footsteps, bloodflow quick heart pounds in your chest
walkin in the middle of the street, dont even hear the sound of your feet
dont know why you dont stop this madness collect the sould from the ones you keep
evilest minds (oi oi) stoppin you (oi oi) breakin rules (oi oi) all this darkness takes control of you


Listen To Your Soul

i see you walkin and i cannot help but stare
its hard not to wonder if you know im there
stop and think, would you recognize my face?
youre the devil in disguise am i in the right place
chorus: i got what you need to know, just listen to your soul
anything you wanna know just listen to your soul

she said if you could have anything in life what would it be
i said i know where this is goin but you cant help me
take my house my clothes or even rock and roll
anything you want from me but you cant have my soul


she mightve been the finest thing that ive ever seen
she walked it and talked it, with a switch so mean
once she lured me in, there was no turnin back
theres one thing that you cant take and thats a fact



Room Service (Kobe's song)

I live in a perfect world
and i have a perfect life
and you dont have to tell me twice
that i have the perfect girl...

but that wont stop me!
from screwing the room service girl
im screwing the room service girl
screwing the room service girl

I drive a really cool car
escalade sitting on 24's
but im not satisfied with my wife
i'd rather have some stupid whore

but that wont stop me!
from screwing the room service girl
im screwing the room service girl
screwing the room service girl


I'm workin on a big case tonight, so please don't bother me
when they come to question you, I didn't tell you a thing
cuz you know I'm gonna have to kill you

When we got together baby I tried to warn you soon
but you said I wouldn't kill you, and smothered me with poon now you know there's nothing more you can do

Justice will be served

They know just what I say, and watch my every move well
They know you talk to much, I promise I didn't tell
now they know that you know too much

Now it's all complete, they set the date tonight
"Let's go, on your feet" I didn't put up a fight
They Put her on the rack, shot her in the back, typical procedure of a government attack

Justice will be served

She took off her vest and threw it in my face
Said she was scared to death, now to Mexico and race!
cuz you know they're gonna come for me

Sittin on the beach, sippin courvoisier
water at our feet, breakin the new day
but you know Justice will be served!

Justice will be served

Bad Day

It all started on the perfect day
The sun was shining things were going my way
I had no idea what was going to begin
I just thought as the waves rolled in

Later on when I was walking home
I saw you outside my house on the phone
when I got to the door this is what you said:
"It's over, have a nice day."

You Walked Away I tried to ask you "Why?"
You simply smiled as you said "Goodbye."
I was so confused that I sat on the ground
That's when my life turned up-side down
Then it hit me, I was late for work
I started driving and I made a wrong turn
Four Red Lights and one flat tire
I got to work and my boss said "You're Fired."

Chorus: It's Just a part of my...
It's Just a part of my...
It's Just a part of my...
It's just a part of my Bad Day

The Walk home was oh so far
All because I locked the keys in my car
Then I got home, turned on he TV
I couldn't beleive this was happening to me
Millions dying and the world is at war
I knew I just couldn't take much more
We'll grow up and we'll learn how to kill
They say things will change, but I know they never will


Jeff's Song

Mommy, I dont want to go to church
They treat me like shit and they dont let me tell the truth
can i just stay home today
i dont want to give up everything just to pray
They march us directly to our fate
to fight the devil they told us to hate
parents support their every move
cuz their kid's mind is what they have to lose

oh oh, we let so many things take our minds
oh oh, can i get an amen
oh oh, you wont see me fighting on the front line
is the point of life just to simply stay alive?

"Whatd you learn in church today?"
i learned youll burn if you dont think our way
I learned that we're nothing but sheep
we stay within our leaders shortest reach
and its so wrong to be gay
I learned that being lefty is the wrong way
and we dont have any voice about it
mindless servants of such rules that need not be

Internet Girl

ASL you dont know me, but do you wanna chat said do you wanna chat with me
Well I cant find no one else so looks like your stuck, said looks like your stuck with me

do you have a picture,
can i see it before we talk tonight
soon as i saw it
i knew that you were my type

shes so fine cant wait to meet her
as pretty as a flower, can i take your petals off

called me up and we made a date,
I'll meet you at the show, meet you at the show at 8
she said i would spot her in a crowd cuz shes
wearing yellow sock, wearing yellow sock with lace
but when i got there, i knew that something wasnt right
cuz soon as i saw her, i wanted to run away

she was so fine until i met her
as pretty as a flower, with the petals ripped off

called me 80 times the next day
asked me where i was
went to the store, my school, and synagogue
i swear there she was
followed me to the bathroom
pulled up her skirt and said
"if you wont clean my pipe then
at least let me polish your head"
shit brown eyes, skin just like an elephant
hair like a wooly mammoth
on the shoulders of a body with a stick figure
shall i proceed? She got a tiny forehead with a big as jaw
you could spot the broad way from jamaica
everywhere i go i see her face
pulled out my knife told that bitch to get away

she was so fine until i met her
as pretty as a flower, with the petals ripped off

All songs The Guilty Parites 2004/2005